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Greeting Cards--5 Steps to Making an Impact

Greeting Cards--5 Steps to Making an Impact

"We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives." --John F. Kennedy

IT is such a pleasure to discover a greeting card in your snail mail box. It is a true score. There is joy in opening up the envelope to find a handwritten card pouring out unconditional love., appreciation, news about the person’s life,  care and/or friendship.

You have the superpower to pass those good feelings on to someone else.

Giving or sending a card to a friend, mentor or loved one can make that person’s day.  In addition, it’s good for you. It gets you out of your head.  You can do it! All that’s required is a willingness, a snazzy (or not so snazzy) pen and some positive thinking.

5 Steps to Make an Impact:

1. Buy a card for someone you love or who is struggling.

2. Get out your favorite pen and write a heart-felt message--some ideas are gratitude toward that person being in your life, a positive memory or how they have made a difference ..Build them up.  Aim to write a personal message.

3. Sign it.

4. Send or give the card to that person.

5. Be prepared to make someone's day.

It’s truly amazing how much positive energy we can bring into this world. Words have power. You have the ability to lift someone’s spirits by simply sending them a doctored-up greeting card with your personal touch. Do it today!

Volunteer for a Better You

Volunteer for a Better You